The Baltic Cruise “2015”

Posted by on August 1, 2015

The Baltic Sea was calm as glass when we visited countries half way around the world. First port was charming Estonia, then Russia where dad went to see Swan Lake Ballet in St. Petersburg. I couldn’t go because the theater was not accessible and had about 300 steps! Then we visited the Scandinavian countries. In Sweden we went to the Abba Museum. Abba is a famous singing group, and the museum had Karaoke and a simulator where people could sing along with the group. In Denmark I bought a model tank and horse and paid one dollar for them. See how happy the Danish boy was to get a U.S. Dollar. We also went to a natural history museum and saw some great wildlife that lived in Denmark many years ago. The cruise had a Beatles group
performing on board. They were terrific! I also gambled on board. One dealer was from India. I called him a “Indian giver” and he laughed his head off!

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